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Miscellaneous Association Forms 
ACH Authorization Form (Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments (ACH Debits) Updated 12/24/13
ACH Cancellation Form (Cancellation Agreement for Direct Payments (ACH Debits) Updated 7/8/13
ACH Cancellation Forms (For Maplewood Residents Only) Updated 7/18/14
Change of Address Form Updated 7/8/13

Kings Point Owner Emergency Information Form Updated 12/9/14

Request for Alterations - Building Updated 7/8/13
Request for Alterations - Landscape Updated 08/11/14

Richmond Villas Request for Modification, Alteration or Improvement Updated 09/08/15
Yorkshire POA Request for Alterations - Landscape Updated 05/27/14

Association Information Request Form Updated 11/19/14
Estoppel Request - Link to Resale & Lender Documents Click Here 

Transfer and Lease Application Forms: 
Lease & Transfer Fees and Information(Rev. 11/3/14- Revisions to this document are in bold type)
Transfer Application Form Updated 12/9/14

Lease Application Form  Updated 12/9/14
Age Waiver and Restrictions Updated 04/22/15

Pet Agreements: Kings Point Association Pet Policies Quick Reference Guide (Rev. 4/22/15)



Acadia II

Beford F


Cambridge K


Dorchester A




Fairfield A

Fairfield H

Gloucester J

Gloucester N


Highgate B

Highgate E





Knolls II

Lancaster III

Lancaster IV


Manchester IV


Nantucket I

Nantucket II

Nantucket IV

Nantucket V

Oakley Green

Oxford II



Quail Pass Radison I

Radison II

Richmond Somerset

Southampton I

Southampton II

Tremont I Tremont II Villeroy


Yorkshire   Updated 10/8/15

Request for Support or Service Animal (Updated 7/8/13)

Association  Transfer 
Lease Addendum
Acadia I & II, Brookfield, Corinth, Devonshire, Edinburgh, Fairbourne, Grantham, Huntington, Inverness, Jameson, Kensington, Lyndhurst, Maplewood, Nantucket IV & V, Oakley Green, Portsmith, Radison I & II, Southampton I & II, Tremont I & II, Villeroy, Worthington Transfer Lease
Andover (all), Bedford (all except F), Cambridge (all except K), Canton Ct D, Dorchester (all except Dorchester A), Fairfield (all except Fairfield A & H), Knolls I, Knolls III. Transfer Lease
Bedford F Transfer Lease
Cambridge K Transfer Lease
Dorchester A Transfer Lease
Fairfield A Transfer Lease
Fairfield H Transfer Lease
Gloucester (all except Gloucester J & N), Highgate (all except A, B, E, II & IV) Idlewood, Lancaster I, Lancaster II, Manchester (all except IV), Nantucket III Transfer Lease 
Gloucester J Transfer Lease
Gloucester N Transfer Lease
Highgate II Transfer Lease
Highgate IV Transfer Lease
Highgate A Transfer Lease
Highgate B, Nantucket I & II, Princeton & Quail Pass Transfer Lease
Highgate E Transfer Lease
Knolls II Transfer Lease
Lancaster III Transfer Lease
Lancaster IV Transfer Lease
Manchester IV Transfer Lease
Oxford I Transfer Lease
Oxford II Transfer Lease
Richmond Villas Transfer Lease
Somerset Villas Transfer Lease
Yorkshire Transfer Lease
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